Brands - Murizari

Meticulous creations and a wise use of materials and colours come together in a sophisticated design, in a series of collections which play on contrasts, without ever giving up on elegance and comfort. A wide range of sizes completes an offer that wants to be unprecedented and unique.

DEL CARLO is a shoe company founded in Lucca, Tuscany, in 1997. Our shoes are characterised by an essential style and are manufactured by experienced master craftsmen, to offer women only top quality footwear they can wear all day long.

Bottega 23 was born from the idea of two sisters who came from a long family tradition of manufacturing excellence. The brand offers classy women shoes, completely Made in Italy, in accordance with the best Marche artisan practices. Bottega 23 products are distinguished by class, elegance and a note of sophisticated eccentricity.

Elena Iachi brand footwear is manufactured in the Italian region Marche. The artisanal production of the brand includes many passages, all carried out by hand.

Each product is based on a careful design which combines quality, style and comfort. All materials: leather, heels, soles, accessories, are purchased from local suppliers in order to create a real Made in Italy product.

Fiorentini + Baker is a prime example of excellence and beauty in Italian footwear. Passion for the work, sophistication in design and attention to details are the brand values. Fiorentini + Baker shoes are unique – symbolic of Italian artisanship, a trait synonymous with an era when craftmanship was king. For over twenty years artisans have been central to that production process. Their desire to produce in Italy ensures beauty, whilst also showcasing the talents of artisans dedicated to the centuries old tradition of shoemaking in regions such as Marche, underpins their method of production.

What makes POMME D’OR so special?
3 brothers
40 human beings
50 individual work steps
160 different styles
Designed and handmade in Italy
since 1975.
This is how a shoe is made at POMME D’OR!

The brand Roberto Festa was established in 2008 and made his first appearence in Milan, followed by the debut of the Spring-Summer Collection 2009 in Paris. Roberto Festa is a designer whose experience transcends him, finding its roots in the after-war of WWII; a tradition passed down by fathers onto their sons. Since his early twenties, he has always had a great passion for design: he attended prestigious design schools and worked his way through the luxury footwear scenery to finally start his own original line.

Roberto Festa is creativity, bringing to you refined, exquisite, elegant footwear with unique lines, colours, volumes and materials. Quality is what drives us: that’s why we offer a product manufactured entirely by Italian master artisans.

Mara Bini was founded in 1988 in “Riviera del Brenta” at the heart of the Veneto’s most famous shoemaking district, thanks to the passion of his owner in producing shoes of high quality and elegance. The production is entirely made in the Mara Bini factory by our own craftsmen with long experience ability, caring premium materials and leathers. Our shoes are designed for elegant women who enjoy the sensation of wearing stylish and comfortable shoes.