About Murizari - Murizari

MURIZARI Concept store

Murizari was born from a research of the Italian footwear tradition matured over the years and it offers a selection of purely handcrafted products in a contemporary key, with precious workmanship and attention to details, made in a range of top-quality materials. The concept is that of the multi-brand boutique typical of Mediterranean Europe, revisited in an international dimension.
The offer of manufacturers and brands is the result of constant research in the territory and decades of experience developed in the fashion and design sector.
The proposal focuses on a series of handmade shoes, for men and women, which range in a variety of types: from sandals, to sneakers, from leather moccasins to sophisticated and modern décolleté. This creates an articulated and extensive collection, but homogeneous in quality and care of the workmanship, in which its own lines are combined with those of a selection of the excellence of Italian producers.
Meticulous creations and a wise use of materials and colours come together in a sophisticated design, in a series of collections which play on contrasts, without ever giving up on elegance and comfort. A wide range of sizes completes an offer that wants to be unprecedented and unique.
The Florentine origin of Murizari means that part of the production takes place in the hills of Tuscany. Another part is made within the territories of Marche and Campania, among the most renowned footwear districts in the world and highly representative of the exceptional nature of Italian fashion.
The concept of the Murizari boutique wants to be fluid and dynamic, making of the continuous search for innovative producers and artisanal realities of the territory the centre of its style proposal. It therefore lends itself to the systematic inclusion of new lines and new products of undoubted qualitative value and which respect the artisan philosophy that distinguishes it.